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Set your developers free!

Let development teams develop and support teams support. Increase your team's performance by allowing them to focus on the correct metrics. Specialized support teams can provide prompt and accurate feedback to customers and elevate satisfaction rates. Plus, you'll be able to build a solid knowledge base to troubleshoot faster every time. 

Blow your customers' minds with top-notch support.

Give them what nobody else is giving them: 

Whenever, wherever  

Give your customers 24/7 customer support no matter what time zone they're in. Not only will they receive the most satisfactory service, but they'll also get help from the most fabulous engineers. Meet and exceed their expectations. Aim for 100% customer satisfaction. 


VIP Access

Gain access to a talent pool of carefully vetted Support Engineers and Specialists fast and easy. Avoid the hassle of recruitment processes that usually flood HR. 


Quick Onboarding

You'll be able to integrate your new support engineers into your projects on record time. Expect seamless operations migration from development teams to your support teams with the assistance of experienced professionals.


Choose your engagement model, but don't get limited by it. Dream big. 


Staff Augmentation

  • Enhance your existing teams.
  • Indefinite or definite time engagement.
  • You can add any amount of resources you want at any time.
  • You choose your own objective. The objective may change during the delivery of service.


  • The scope of the project is set from the beginning. We renew the contract on a one-year basis.
  • You establish the number of resources from the beginning. It's subject to change, and each resource brings a new agreement.
  • You'll increase your teams depending on the volume of incidents.
  • You'll set the objective, and Cafeto will execute it.

These are some examples of the support roles we can offer you. Feel free to ask for any role you might need, we got you. 

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